A balanced approach to give both introverts and extroverts a fair chance at the game

Man lit by spotlight
Man lit by spotlight
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It’s 5 p.m. on a cold winter Monday. I get a notification saying Marius arrived for his interview and is waiting for me.

I grab my laptop and head to the front desk. He is a tall and skinny guy who took overdressing a little too seriously. He could even attend a wedding in this outfit.

I introduce myself, my role, and my technical background, and I thank him for taking the time to come for this interview.

Start With a Walk

Marius seems a bit nervous. I want him to feel relaxed and safe. …

React was supposed to ease our development. Instead, it created roadblocks

Person working at a desk
Person working at a desk
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It’s summer 2018. My boss, Adrian, asks me to join him in a Skype call with James, the CTO of a big Canadian company.

While getting to know each other, I find out that James is a smart guy with big ambition. His vision is to migrate a massive desktop WPF application to the web in the cloud.

I like his friendly attitude and I can tell that he is eager to collaborate with us. He already has a development partner in India, but they lack experience in building web applications.

Adrian and I follow the standard approach for this…

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Image for post
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Creating reusable components on the web is no easy challenge. You will be focusing on keeping them lightweight, easy to use, and performant, keeping in mind that each one should only serve one purpose. Every major front-end framework has guidelines defined that will help you with that.

But if you are going to implement a Design System using Web Components, there are a few challenges that can affect your team's development speed.

1. New developer skills are needed

Because Web Components is using new browser APIs, your developers might not be familiar with them, and it will take a while to understand how they work. …

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When I started the journey of using Web Components, I was already familiar with the concept and the benefits of using them, but I never had the chance to get into details and actually implement them. I started looking for guidance because I wanted to see how others are using it, and if maybe they shared some best practices.

All the articles that I found about WebComponents said that there is no actual WebComponents API; it is more like a collection of new browser APIs that can be used together. …

Razvan Dragomir

Software Architect at TSS-Yonder

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